We had a great weekend filming the annual dance recital for JDI Dance Co. They held their recital at Lakeside High School in Lake Elsinore, CA. JDI Dance Co. is a dance studio out of Canyon Lake.

JDI has obviously been working extremely hard. The amount of awards they named off from their recent competitions was astounding.

We brought in a 4 cameras for the shoot this weekend. We had our main camera in the back-center of the room. We use that camera to make sure that everyone on the stage is in the frame of the shot. We had our second camera in the back-left and the third camera was in the back-right of the theater. Both of those cameras shoot a mixture of close-ups and mid-range shots. The 4th camera was at the base of the stage. What a cool angle!

The whole show was just a great success. We can’t wait to finish the editing and get the DVDs out to everyone! Should be done in the next couple of weeks.

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