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We Love Filming Dance!

The first DVD we ever produced was Murrieta Valley High School’s Dance Production back in 2002. Now, over 12 years later, we have produced over 150 DVDs of dance recitals. We have produced DVDs for dance studios in the Southern California cities of Riverside, Murrieta, Temecula, Canyon Lake, Menifee, Hemet, and Lake Elsinore.

We work with every studio to make sure that we produce a high-quality DVD of their recital at a price that fits the size of their studio. We bring one to four camera operators to each recital to make sure that we capture every dance from a variety of angles.

You Choose the Editing Style

There are two main editing styles that we utilize when producing dance recital DVDs. To learn more about them, read the descriptions below and view some sample clips.

Straight Cuts Editing Method

With this editing method, we cut between camera angles like you would see on a TV show such as So You Think You Can Dance. The video is extremely clear this way, but you won’t see everyone on screen the entire time. View a sample clip below.

Overlay Editing Method

With this editing method, the main camera angle stays on the screen the entire time. When we edit in a close-up shot, we make the close-up appear as if it is see through so that main angle remains visible. View a sample clip below.

Check Out All the Dance Studios For Whom We Produce Dance Recital DVDs

We produce dance recital DVDs for studios all over Riverside County. The dots on the map represent some of the studios who have hired us to produce their recital DVDs.